Richard Wiseman


Psychologist, author and magician. At Univ of Hertfordshire, but personal twitter account.

Ok, final pic. Thinking this was a big mistake.

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2598 days ago

Ok, final pic. Thinking this was a big mistake.


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JMRooker 2598 days ago

Well, obviously, now you have to name him Chucky

god_free_zone 2598 days ago

That looks almost human without the horrible purple colour cast.

magpienikki 2598 days ago

Methinks I shouldn't be working through these pics from newest back, but intrigued now...

bitsykalkbruner 2598 days ago

Oh, I'm horribly sorry. I suspect I had that same ape, he went a little odd with a razorblade once so I gave him to a drunk on my last flight home. I warned him not to let him drink. And NEVER Tequila.

softmutt 2598 days ago

Told you he fancied you, shouldn't of given him the brush off. Remember the Bobbit?

pongogirl 2598 days ago

Amazing - I did not realise primate tool use had advanced so far. Have you tried handing him a can opener?

redrisker 2598 days ago

Nah, he's just trying to give you a hair cut... you're too presumptuous ;)

BobaFettish1 2598 days ago


theangels_hark 2598 days ago

But an excellent deterrent to potential burglars!

cuttingr 2598 days ago

i predict Dr Wiseman will be sleeping with his eyes open tonight !