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Looking at this monkey in charity shop. Should I liberate him? Vote now !

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2803 days ago

Looking at this monkey in charity shop. Should I liberate him? Vote now !


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Shendacollins 2789 days ago


MollyMilner 2803 days ago

That's one creepy monkey.

magpienikki 2803 days ago

No! He is evil & his paw will fall off and return u to a child-like state. I have seen the future (ok, because I read twitter backwards)

Atticuss 2803 days ago

Still want one for my experim....i mean to nurture and look after

Darcoth 2803 days ago

Look where his hand is, i think he may be a bit of a pervert!

sofree 2803 days ago

charity votes always lead to a "yes".. :D so yes!

softmutt 2803 days ago

If you don't, I will. Reminds me of my ex. Hence he's now my ex!

BobaFettish1 2803 days ago

attack of the possessed monkeys

xxmichxx0 2803 days ago

That is so cute! Yeah go for it and liberate him!!!

theangels_hark 2803 days ago

Looks more like a chimpanzee to me. Very cute, you should definately take it home.

gordongoblin 2803 days ago

those monkeys are worth a lot, especially if they still have their fingers!

Plus he's cute

Stunt_Girl 2803 days ago

He could be a hairy version of you! Go get him

mgmoody42 2803 days ago

No, he will only end up turning on you.

stupidgirl_no1 2803 days ago

Buy him now! Put him in spare room and freak out any guests when they wake up in the night to be greeted by his glassy eyes!

DocDamo 2803 days ago

No - it's grotesque.

Atticuss 2803 days ago

only if you get me one too

shaunmk 2803 days ago

yeah free the monkey one and buy him some banana's

JULIE_MOORE 2803 days ago

NO ! he will give you nitemares !