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I'm Dan Schneider, of Schneider's Bakery, maker of some TV shows and movies. Victorious, iCarly, Drake & Josh, Good Burger, etc.

Pic!  Are you ready for this?  Here is what I was just served:

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1725 days ago

Pic! Are you ready for this? Here is what I was just served:


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ciz4claire 1704 days ago

I clicked on this thinking they were oreos.

basselope7 1722 days ago

I hope they weren't raw... or still alive... o_o

msjdavis 1724 days ago

hope they tasted goood. i had them before. they're not bad they taste like soy sauce and teriaki sauce mixed together,

KiteKathie 1725 days ago

I hope you did not eat them.. or I will never be able to look at you the same way.

NibNibBws 1725 days ago

mmm, enjoy them :}

theLovelySwift 1725 days ago

eww not my thing.

nitebug 1725 days ago

How were they? I never had snails.

Support4AriCat 1725 days ago

EW SNAILS! I'll safe u! Say to the person next to you,"hey look a bunny" then slide it on their plate.

AmandaBTR11211 1725 days ago

& it tastes good love it

AmandaBTR11211 1725 days ago

are they raw or cooked?

zappa2001 1725 days ago

Does it taste good? I ask you because I'm almost 99% sure I'll never eat this.

Culgrol111 1725 days ago

i TOTALLY guessed that!!!! i was like is it escargot??? and i was right! :)

zappa2001 1725 days ago

Escargot?! Why Dan? I know we only live once, but it doesn't mean we have to eat everything once!

AshleyyGoode 1725 days ago

Eww. That's gross! Haha(:

kassiespancakes 1725 days ago

Is that scargot? or just snails on a plate?

maybelater123 1725 days ago

yummy did u enjoy it

SeddieMania 1725 days ago

wow... snails..... yuck lol

CyndiRamirez70 1725 days ago


OsnapitzHales 1725 days ago

WHat is that?! ♥ lolz

SydneyMann1 1725 days ago

Awesome.......i guess.. :)