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2774 days ago


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NinoBlackJudas 2773 days ago

hi cutie :)

ALLYXIS 2773 days ago

cool shop assistante:)

Hktr_ 2773 days ago

LOL!! :) That's so funny! Be careful Jamie!

AngusTCat 2773 days ago

How do you fight Yogi? With a picnic basket? Give it a dummy, like Maggie Simpson? :-) Great picture, thanks for sharing!

ayedfy 2773 days ago

"FIGHT BACK" - ultimate. Kudos to the Aspen Police.

Dutchshe 2773 days ago

Every now and then, a bear wanders into the South of Switzerland. Now I finally know what to do should I encounter one! :D

Rebekahdg 2773 days ago

Yeah, how do you fight back... okay now I want footage of you and a bear. Go to it!

imeemalabonga 2774 days ago

fight back if attacked?? how do you fight a bear?? that was odd. haha

Karipf 2774 days ago

WOW "Avoid eye contact" Gonna keep that in mind! hahaha