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Needed some pancakes too!I'm going in tonight!!! Cooking lessons are paying off!

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1873 days ago

Needed some pancakes too!I'm going in tonight!!! Cooking lessons are paying off!


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StevesGulf_com 1806 days ago

now those look great !

StepfanieZhang 1819 days ago

luk at it ... how ...?!

TastyPancakes 1858 days ago

I'd rate that a 9 out of 10. Only a 9, because I only count 9 pancakes ! Who at #10?

iamsnakeeyez 1859 days ago

"I can't remember the last time I actually ate some pancakes..." #ConfessionHour

CapodannoToscan 1866 days ago

this food is very good
by toscana capodanno

rosaeufracio 1869 days ago

they look yummy!! if people dont like kim,then why follow her? no one is born knowing how to cook

mochaswirljones 1872 days ago

they do look good.i luv to cook.

AnnaLisaPerez2 1872 days ago

Omg Those are the best lookin pancakes ive ever seen. Makes me wana take a bite outa ma screen:)

capricorn1226 1872 days ago

After u take cooking lessons, take Lessons on love & marriage 101 b4 u fall in love & marry w/ another so that u don't divorce again

JessicaFrancom 1872 days ago

If you don't like her, DON"T FOLLOW HER!

purplezebra1987 1873 days ago

yum those pancakes look so good i want 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HayleyKnight_ 1873 days ago

Kim ur a LEECH to society, fuck off u cunt. Let RayJ go do his job and fuck u up the ass,

HayleyKnight_ 1873 days ago

You needed cooking lessons to make simple pancakes? Ur a dumb whore good for nothing cock sucking tramp!

katherinerufalo 1873 days ago

honestly the best pancakes i've ever seen :D

WannaBeLikeJLo 1873 days ago

Awww <3 Everytime i look at it i become SO hungry :)

Myriam_Sloan 1873 days ago

Yumm yum

insp_website 1873 days ago

be inspired...

johnyMatt 1873 days ago