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#Cartoon - Islamists dominate in #Egypt elections - #Jan25 #NOSCAF #Egyelections #Tahrir

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1877 days ago

#Cartoon - Islamists dominate in #Egypt elections - #Jan25 #NOSCAF #Egyelections #Tahrir


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oasie007 1872 days ago

Antways if you what to know anything about FJParty or the MB I will be glad & hinored to answer it

oasie007 1872 days ago

finally, you call and fight for democracy, then you must stand up by the result no matter what

oasie007 1872 days ago

We won't be a sword against the egyptians who gave us there trust 4 sure.

oasie007 1872 days ago

But what I'm sure of is that elections was honest, and it represented the voice of the Egyptians

oasie007 1872 days ago

Dear latuff
I am a fan of ur work & member of the FJP. I don't know y r u afraid of us

mos1992 1876 days ago

Religion is the opium of the masses

starflashhunter 1876 days ago

whats wrong guys this is true one u dont remmber the man who said the democracy is sin and disbelieve in God

starflashhunter 1876 days ago

as muslim im affraid of islamists , beside that they will be amrican hand here :(

HarryFerro 1876 days ago

Why some conflate Islamists and Islam?

Amrixor 1877 days ago

guys please have a life and stop being aggresive for fake reason .. This cartoon is so clear "Islamists doesn't mean Muslims”

2o0na 1877 days ago

Go TO HELL Carlos >> It is Your End

mos1992 1877 days ago

There is a big difference between Muslims and Islamists. Islamaists are people who use religion to convince people to vote for them. Why Islamaists put the logo of El koltla el masreya next to a cross although 90% of EL Kotla el masreya are muslims. Islam

dollyi5 1877 days ago

u dnt've 2 b Muslim 2 no this kindness,beautiful religion, but u've 2 b cultured 2 do ur rare job

Huda52875 1877 days ago

Islam Means peace and peace doesn't deal with weapon when judging people...Kindly change your idea about Islam and stop insulting us (Muslims)

Moorazm 1877 days ago


009LegenD 1877 days ago

hey Carlos watch ur cartoon . the sword is not acceptable :@


You are racialism, Go to hell

mos1992 1877 days ago

No they did not, if you count all the liberal and social parties number of votes. You will find that its more than islamists combined. Yeah they won but if they didn't do what is required from them they will face NDP's fate

alsa3idyy 1877 days ago

GREAT one ;)

hassanwasef 1877 days ago