Mason Musso


Me lost in a forest. In Amsterdam.

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2206 days ago

Me lost in a forest. In Amsterdam.


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GaGa_Mason4ever 1767 days ago

ill come and get u out of the forest ( amsterdam is next to me :D )

ggggggggghhhd 1865 days ago

mason hand in hand can we go in the wonderland !

JennyTlks2Mch 1958 days ago

oh shit! its Indiana jones and the forest of ever growing weed!

JennyTlks2Mch 1958 days ago

oh shit! its Indiana jones and the forest of ever growing weed!

LDelgado_15 2013 days ago

the plant on the right kinda looks like weed, lol.

LeahLavinia_1D 2014 days ago


TheMightyNeish 2139 days ago

nicee ass :P x

Crazy_Emma 2143 days ago

Your hat is cuute! I love you Mason

heyitsAudryK 2172 days ago

mason is the best best best ! we miss you in belgium :( hope u come back soon !

CallMeFlava 2179 days ago

Nice view:P Hahaha

Hey , im sara from belgium ( 19 years old )im a big fan off u guys:D and
my mom like's u more mason:D

Me too:D but i like trace too:P
just wanna ask u something as twitter doesn't have a guestbook:P

do you still have a girlf

mtronaschix19 2180 days ago

haha lolz ♥ =D

NanaMari17 2186 days ago

Hello Why I like a lot from you? You're beautiful. The best person on earth. I live in Portugal, in Europe. I know you are very tired, but could pass through here. Bye ...

DaNi_LoVe_mAsOn 2187 days ago

mason did you come to germany again????????

i hope!!!!!!☺

i ♥♥♥♥ you soooooooooooooooooo much

cantbeliveit 2190 days ago

lol mason ur funny i can amagin wat u do in the spare time.

faithlaura 2190 days ago

Mason, Youre So Hot!(*) Please Do Another Gig In Dublin You Were Amazing! Do Another One Before Miley Cos I Didnt Get Tickets For Miley Cos I Didnt Wanna See Her I Wanna See Yous Again haha

MetroMiley98 2196 days ago

btw just bought your cd love it

MetroMiley98 2196 days ago

lol come get lost in Wisconsin! its very easy. I live here and do it all the time. and we have LOTS of forests

PrincessFip 2198 days ago

Ahhh. and i bet those skinny jeans were to tight to hold a map? lol

Annabaronello 2199 days ago

You should meet my sister. She thinks you are one amazing boy. Come to think of it, the reason I can sing all of your songs by heart is her fault! Anyways, I think your all pretty great ! Lots of love,
from the Baronello sisters!

JillScanlon 2200 days ago

you seem to know where your going haha, cant wait to see you guys in ireland on monday, lots of drinking planned i hope