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Iran / today / Krimkhan St / protest NOW #iranelection

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2509 days ago

Iran / today / Krimkhan St / protest NOW #iranelection


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fredliberty98 2504 days ago

la gente democratica de venezuela, apoya a musavi y a su pueblo,muerte al tirano, fuera chavez

desertu2 2505 days ago

Not intending to sound ego-centered but if this happened in the US I'd feel a lot better about the political future of our country.

aether_86 2507 days ago

Humbles you doesn't it? I would say I "hop" your voice gets heard, but that would imply that it may not be heard...and there is no way the tyranny can continue. Heres to you guys

mimi110 2508 days ago

I wish I could fly and be there with you all. Know that you have the support of the whole world behind you.

mzepeda 2508 days ago

You can do it. Power to the people! My support from Mexico #iranelection

Khanomsabz 2508 days ago

As an American wife of an Iranian, each and every one of you has my gratitude, my admiration, my respect, my prayers, my love! Your strength and bravery is for our children, for the love of the world's most beautiful country and people, Iran!

danabee2 2508 days ago

Power to the People!

Shafa 2508 days ago

¡El pueblo unido, jamás será vencido!

Shafa 2508 days ago

A.N maintains these people are less than one vote container, I just want to know how big are the containers?

PSCoach 2508 days ago

Simply takes your breath away

omid_farda 2508 days ago


geoffmatho 2508 days ago

Had no concept of the scale of the protests until I saw this - amazing!

onehandyman 2508 days ago

We are very proud of you... The world is now looking at you.

familywoman1 2508 days ago

It is amazing how many people there are. I am so proud. You deserve your freedom! Love from the USA

technoholican 2508 days ago

We are proud of you!

iggejull 2508 days ago

Sweden is watching!

iranus 2508 days ago

where are the 63 % ?

repo4sale 2508 days ago

USA is with the people of IRAN! Go, you deserve FREEDOM from the Govt.

rpssam 2508 days ago

This is inspiring!!!!

cilrvo 2508 days ago

Go Go Go until Victory we are supporting you, brave Iranian