iPhone hacker

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steffanesser 1795 days ago

PwnDevTeam released Xpois0n RC1 - untethered jailbreak 5.1I have just downloaded from and jailbroken my new iPad(3)!THUMBS UP for Xpois0n!

Samad_Malik 1804 days ago

4.11.08 unlock plzz . .

Srongchhunsry 1831 days ago

when BB iPhone 4 04.11.08 can be unlock? i'm so sad because i waiting so far , please help me !!!!!!!!

jn_kazuya 1881 days ago

Thank you very much hope you ultrasn0w 04.11.08

samu91gn 1902 days ago

hey, this 4S would be useless without you, :-) Thank you really

IgmelGSilverio 1903 days ago

NiCEEE!! Good luck!! Don't forget about the iphone4 bb 4.11.08 plz!!

jjhabib 1903 days ago

Keep up the good work folk!!!
You have all my support.

ViRuSaKe 1903 days ago

great job ... keep it that way!

KennedyChai 1903 days ago

my ipad2 iOS 5.0.1 is waiting for your command to JB..

Ale_Gabbiadini 1904 days ago

Great job musclenerd...what about the downgrade from 6.15 bb to 15.4 bb?? We are waiting for our gps to come back to life!!! Please help us!

David87M 1905 days ago

AndresAbducted +100000!!!!

AndresAbducted 1906 days ago

Awesome Man, please focus now on Iphone 4 4.11.08 Please :D where waiting for you!!!!!

surfrboy 1906 days ago

thank you so so so much we all love you

surfrboy 1906 days ago

ur freaken awsome i have to say the entire world is waiting lol. giving us all estimate date is great

ExciteBuzz 1906 days ago

Nice work done by your team... Good Luck....

lantechnigeria 1907 days ago

good to hear that!

patjans 1907 days ago

My IPAD 2 awaits your instructions, SIR...

Mohamedelshshta 1907 days ago

gr8 job .. can't wait .. you guys are the best .. marry Christmas from Egypt ;)

sebyorof 1907 days ago

the world wait you, don't forget i4 with 04.11.08 and ipad 2!

JoshvanHulst 1907 days ago

This looks very promising