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Iran / today / Krimkhan bridge / protest NOW #iranelection

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2533 days ago

Iran / today / Krimkhan bridge / protest NOW #iranelection


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vik321 2527 days ago

They can block the internet, jam the radios, censor news and arrest peaceful protesters, but how long do repressive regimes last? This one will go the way others did, sooner than the cruel "misrulers" think.

edesong 2529 days ago

down with the dictatorship! Long live the people's struggle! All my heart and soul is with you! you brought down the shah, now its time for the ayatollahs! que viva la lucha del pueblo, abajo con la dictadura!

Patrikaa 2530 days ago

Support from Sweden!

DBW63 2530 days ago

Support from the U.S.A., God be with you in your brave struggle.

beirutbomber 2530 days ago

... Keep going, Freedom is your right only God can take it away, not ahmadinejad

JoWazzoo 2530 days ago

Support from USA!! Don't Stop!! Be SAFE!!!

sohrabd 2532 days ago

با حضور مردم در خیابانها دولت اسلامی فهمید که مردم ایرانی غیرت ملي خود را از دست ندادند و هیچ ترسی از این رژیم در دلشان نیست

sohrabd 2532 days ago

دوران زورگویی.خفقان سانسورو اعدام فقر و فحشاو اغتیاد به پایان رسیده

sohrabd 2532 days ago

مافقط علیه انتخابات نیستیم ما علیه حکومت دیکتاتوری جمهوری اسلامی هستیم.

sohrabd 2532 days ago

آفرین به شما مردم ایران. بعد از 30 سال امروز به ایرانی بودن افتخار میکنم

vatapapa 2532 days ago

keep going,please don't stop,don't let go,it's great,what you're doing!support from switzerland

mrem86 2532 days ago

the battles most worth winning are often the hardest

dont give up

altemark 2532 days ago

support from sweden

GabrielleCaron 2532 days ago

Support from Canada

PeacemakerCH 2532 days ago

Support from Switzerland

jezawot 2533 days ago

onwards and upwards.keep the motion.thinking of you in england

Belletane 2533 days ago

Tenez bon! La France vous soutient!

gartoon 2533 days ago

fighting for your freedom...

said92 2533 days ago

بايد آماده باشيم اگر موسوي هم جا زد ما بمانيم
"موجيم كه آسودگي ما عدم ماست"

mfspana 2533 days ago

God bless so many brave people seeking change and fighting tyranny