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Cover of the Dubai Paper

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1902 days ago

Cover of the Dubai Paper


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lilmads 1898 days ago

what are they thinking? do the want to blind people with your face?

LikeWhooaxx 1900 days ago

Lmao, I was reading that newspaper just a sec ago. ha!

DaxYorke 1901 days ago

i will be on the front page of a newspaper one day :D

TarekAbb 1901 days ago

rofl paris is the money given to youuu Huuuuuuuuuuuuugee or hottt !!!

ahhaha keep deleting my commments noobi ^^

1s1a1a1b 1901 days ago

IS GULFNEWS TODAY ONLY SELLING COZ OF PARIS HILTON? paris, read the articles around your pic and "remember"...
....1) to keep your TOP ON while in uae";
....2) dont be distorted in uae like your country;
....3) i know u dont have what it takes to be

TheKid_A 1901 days ago

Paris! That's huuuuuuuge! Haha.

AditiThapar 1902 days ago

I saw it when I got up this morning. So awesome! :)

JJJennifer 1902 days ago

omg wow :) your awesome :D

JJJennifer 1902 days ago

omg wow :) your awesome :D

localime9 1902 days ago

You look great, Paris!!

AmeriKenny 1902 days ago


HindAlFattan 1902 days ago

Yesss! I agree totally..

rhiannoneill 1902 days ago

Haha typical.. 'IRAN TO HOLD LIMITED RECOUNT OF VOTES': headline important world news...but a picture of you arriving in Dubai which is what the small wannabe socialite community actually want to see.

sanadubai 1902 days ago

The guy beside her is dressed in national dress, here in the uae despite westernization has found a balance between culture and keeping up with the world, please dont for Paris being on the cover of our paper, did u ever think that maybe its

aw_0x 1902 days ago


SaLtYdOgZ 1902 days ago

There is something just not quite.... right.... with this photo.

shal_mp3 1902 days ago

kool! The whole of dubai knows ur there!!hehe

mobylee 1902 days ago

Awesome!! thats really HUGE!!!!

Frenchbeluga 1902 days ago

Better than a man walking on the moon! ; )

CHANCE_CHANEL 1902 days ago