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I had to check this rapper for talking greazy to my friend @lovebscott but in the end we squashed it-but not b4 he met "C.Murdah!" What a night!

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2806 days ago

I had to check this rapper for talking greazy to my friend but in the end we squashed it-but not b4 he met "C.Murdah!" What a night!


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VentiViolado 2802 days ago

Maybe I'm reaching, but I don't like the "hurt" that I see in 's eyes here. Dude was out of line. And his... "hair?" is the bane of good taste. *shudder* 2x Disgusting.

chinanolan98 2804 days ago

Voltaire spoke on this rapper: "And if these wise masters used force and persecution to enforce their insolent stupidity, would the term "wild beasts" seem too extreme?

devinjaielle 2804 days ago

B. Scott is human just like everyone else. He goes through the same trails & tribulations as everyone else. So, people talking s*** need to hush their mouth!! because i'm sure they're just as flawed as he is! B. Scott has a beautiful personality & heart a

Xcepshunal1 2804 days ago

It's unfortunate innocent children have this type lifestyle paraded before them. Homes are dysfunctional enough with str8 people.

LyricalCutie 2804 days ago

There's no negotiating w/hatred filled souls, Live & Let Live Love & Be Loved hatred, ignorance, & fear r4 fools & suspects your wearing your hats well!!

ykesha2001 2804 days ago

miss not waste ya time on little people that like.....please don't, they aren't worth it!

claudiajordan 2804 days ago

but why do u insist on coming to my page to talk this mess. CLEARLY I am a friend to the Gay community. So why come here to insult my friends?? I'm going to ask you to stop or be blocked. I am serious

Kent_da_Pantha 2804 days ago

And why do you condone oppressive behavior

Xcepshunal1 2804 days ago

Why do we condone homosexual behavior like it's normal. I'm sure Murdah is blasting him for this very reason!

SANTAEonline 2806 days ago

Awww ...thats wussup! Real friends ride-or-die!

alane01 2806 days ago

haa.. thats wat a good friend would do..on the good note..damn i need that tan u

mohmoney2 2806 days ago

now i know which look to look for when we meet. if i get that one, time to run.

claudiajordan 2806 days ago

I like to clown FOOLS with a smile... but it did get heated at one point. He didn't like it when I called him a derogatory name to see how HE liked it. LOL at the hair...

kalvina_rene 2806 days ago

Why bscott look like "and why are you talking to me again?!!?"

TwiceR 2806 days ago

This rapper was stupid for treating your sexy friend like that! C.Murdah had to shut the fool down! That's gangsta!