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Preparing for tonight's interview w/ @AnnCoulter. What would YOU ask her?

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1153 days ago

Preparing for tonight's interview w/ . What would YOU ask her?


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Alisonnj 1153 days ago

Please ask about Gingrich's idea to have local community boards decide about illegal immigrant status

kcaseywp 1153 days ago

I'd say as Joy- Ann-I am an idiot democrat-give me your viewpoint on the potential candidates to get us out of this Obama MESS

redscreech 1153 days ago

Does she think she would still be relevant if she weren't so judgmental?

kelly_katie 1153 days ago

I want to know how she would bring jobs back to the economy? We have lost a large percentage of our middle class, and most of them have not become wealthier, but rather extremely poor, and dependent on taxpayers to save them from starvation and homelessne

Nancywebsterpr 1153 days ago

First 5 things you would do if elected President.

anniehyra 1153 days ago

Who does she think she is Hermain Cain's ex-girlfriend/abuse vicitim? Why would someone be so hateful toward the President of the United States?

karentaylor7777 1153 days ago

When did God die and put her in charge? Is she convicted of her own self-righteous, critical, and judgmental behavior?

JaclynCalamaro 1153 days ago

Question for Ann...Would love to hear your thoughts on the Iranian students taking over the British Embassy in Tehran.

sittintwittin 1153 days ago

Murdoch = 5k UK victims, Fox settled w/ hacked US ad competitors. How can it have any credibility?

RedCalgary34 1153 days ago

BY THE WAY LOVE YOU JOY! For what Ann has to say I say "so what who cares"

RedCalgary34 1153 days ago

Is she married? only engaged? WOW What a surprise. Being a bitch can't be easy to be or live with I like the ? I would ask her to leave

Jeanabella 1153 days ago

made no sense on with Joe. She is a poser who takes money to lie. Why you have this train wreck on is...oh ya,

Argus21 1153 days ago

Didn't her parents teach her to keep her mouth shut if she didn't have anything nice to say?

Argus21 1153 days ago

Clearly no one is born a bigot so I am curious to know what events occurred to make her so hateful?

itsmeganmoore 1153 days ago

Where you born a bigot or did you become one through acts of nature?

RustyCannon 1153 days ago

I'd ask her to leave.