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alli simpson. 13 year old girl from australia. ACTRESS, MODEL, SINGER, DREAMER. living and loving life. #GCF, is the future.

ahhh @codysimpsondoll is always creeping on @codysimpson... #LilCodyBigCody

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1410 days ago

ahhh is always creeping on ... #LilCodyBigCody


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Codyan1DRmyLife 1378 days ago

even the back of codys head is cute!

InfiniteShawty 1398 days ago

i want it!! hahaha LOL

ohoci 1400 days ago

Ahaha i want this for my birthdayyyy!! :))

TheAlenaZyro 1405 days ago

LOL i do see in the reflection of the thing idk! XP nice lol

navinavinavina 1406 days ago

hahahaa funy

AussieLove_143 1407 days ago

HAHAHAHAHAHA. This is epic.

JillianZappala 1407 days ago

soooo cute! all I can look at is the back of your brother's head, though!

ItsMariamR 1407 days ago

HAHAH love the picture ! ;)

TheGrandeMentos 1408 days ago


kkhundalxo 1408 days ago

pssh the just loves too much haha

_SincerelyMine_ 1408 days ago

Lmaoo he doesnt even know its right there..smh

PurpleNinja_GCF 1408 days ago

ahha aww

cool_socks 1409 days ago

looks like he's creeping on tumblr to me haha ;)

irenespirit 1409 days ago

not gonna lie, it looks like cody is playing club penguin, hahahaha <3

SonyaBeavers 1409 days ago

It looks like it's trying to touch his hair, like every other crazed fan out there! Lol!

TheLukeGibney 1409 days ago

I love you alli <3

luvelzz 1409 days ago

funny :D

Gabbi_Meyer 1409 days ago

haha that is so funny and cute!!! (:

AnnikaCha 1409 days ago

I soo See Alli in the background (: