iPhone hacker

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GlenjoyPeralta 1482 days ago

now where is this unlock?

sharafeldeen22 1757 days ago

good job, is there any updates regarding unlocking of iPhone 4S i really need that ASAP, thx ... :)

tiMAXeon 1772 days ago

Just don't forget that somebody is waiting with an iPhone 3g since October to get a 4s hactivation.

jn_kazuya 1852 days ago

please don't forget iphone 4 baseband 4.11.08 ;)

r1d4r 1875 days ago

Whether and бедет an unblocking iphone 4 modem 4.11.08

angelo_ace1 1877 days ago

is jailbreak near for 4s and ipad2?

Zoroyem 1877 days ago

Nice work.

michael2420 1878 days ago

Thanks MuscleNerd, can't wait to be able to Jailbreak my iPhone 4s!

sebyorof 1878 days ago

David87M, excuse what it means +1 ? coming out in a day? for ipad2 and iphone4? if so i'm very happy!!!!!!!! WOW

SeanJ9 1879 days ago

, know if this is CDMA or GSM? if its CDMA itd be godly, i can switch between gsm and cdma! THANKS

djechohunt3r 1879 days ago

Great work MuscleNerd. Looking forward to this ;)

David87M 1879 days ago

sebyorof +1

sebyorof 1880 days ago

MuscleNerd There are hopes for an unlock iphone 4 and ipad 2? devices are of little use without your contribution!!!!!!

SourishNath 1880 days ago

Thanks for the update . Great job . Keep us updated .


robydorry 1881 days ago

a che punto è il jailbreak per iphone 4s ios 5.01?

Mohamedelshshta 1881 days ago

can't wait ... gr8 work u guys ;)

NowJailbreak 1881 days ago

Impressive work... Best of Luck waiting for the update...

David87M 1881 days ago

People! Help to unblock from the operator iphone 4 iOS 5 04.11.08!!!

0R91L 1881 days ago

please don't forget iphone 4 baseband 4.11.08 ;)

ocazii_licitati 1882 days ago

ios 5.1 testing,pls tell us if you release it after 5.1 final or before