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My name is Kevin Hart and I WORK HARD!!! That pretty much sums me up!!! Everybody Wants To Be Famous But Nobody Wants To Do The Work

Apple Bottom jeans aren't for everybody lol

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1617 days ago

Apple Bottom jeans aren't for everybody lol


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nelliediamond28 1616 days ago

Poor thang is rockin apple seed bottoms! Her booty looks depressed! Smh

hoodston 1616 days ago

maybe there "Crab-Apples" Jeans

MrMention_est87 1617 days ago


MissKinkyFinger 1617 days ago


tguill 1617 days ago


_envykills 1617 days ago

#SMH you wrong for that kevin! lmao

KarinaWahlberg 1617 days ago

Woah. What's going on in the background!! Lol

jazzmusician79 1617 days ago

More like Apple pancake bottoms! She needs an Apple transplant!

antiguan_gyal77 1617 days ago

Lol..u r a fool for this one....can't stop lmao

travisTheOne1 1617 days ago

Look like grape bottoms

Bermudaboi 1617 days ago

Lmfao look like my 8yr old wearing delicious jeans or like she has dreams of filling them out one day

BlakFreshPond 1617 days ago

lmao you r so crazy i c the apples but where's the bottom?

IamCieraRene 1617 days ago

she wrong for that better get some butt pads.

Neuroanatomy1 1617 days ago

Hey! All apples start out small! lol

JLew219 1617 days ago

LMAO!!! Look like rotten apples!! ;-)

iamsnakeeyez 1617 days ago

"If the last 2 sizes of measurements on your body isn't 24-36, it just defeats the purpose..." #imjustsaying

PRMCall400mENG 1617 days ago

where is the apple ? lmaoo

jen_pikes 1617 days ago

You are out of control!!! Lmbo, that's hilarious

who_uhme 1617 days ago

Lmbo..them is granny apples right there lol lol (in my country voice)

Tae_Andretti 1617 days ago