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Waiting for the flight in Vegas. Bought a new watch earlier!

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1837 days ago

Waiting for the flight in Vegas. Bought a new watch earlier!


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duprajoshuadoo 1835 days ago

Ikaw na, ikaw na ang rich.

Terranmn 1836 days ago

In case anyone viewing this, here's the model watch (take note of the price).

Terranmn 1836 days ago

You paid $5,500 for that? I'm glad your money is being put to good use.

DanielLuvsYoMom 1836 days ago

Great watch! Everyone who calls Notch a liar, can suck my pigs ass.

rararawr69 1837 days ago

now you just need to adjust the time

digitalclock 1837 days ago

Possibly the watch model:

scyfish 1837 days ago

Whats the model of that watch? I have been looking for a watch for awhile and that looks perfect!

TFREmoPanda 1837 days ago

nice watch

antonio_rbg 1837 days ago

Fuck you notch, youre a liar!! You should apologize to every1 about those comments u made, lost respect

br0seph_is 1837 days ago


Nintyuk 1837 days ago

But is it solar powered?

MasterWhys 1837 days ago


TheLittleJF 1837 days ago


ind0ril 1837 days ago

Instead of buying an expensive watch, mayb you should hire some PR people, because you suck as PR, liar.

KyleAlexDillon 1837 days ago

is it a swatch?

WeWePeeeeeeeeee 1837 days ago

So cool you should make a sculpture of this watch in minecraft :D