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Justin is a pleasure to work with......most of the time

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1469 days ago


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emmyluvbiebs 1430 days ago

Wow he is trying to play dan kanters guitar upside downcuz he is left handed

belieberAnaSwag 1430 days ago


JustinRuffles 1430 days ago

Argh' I want this guitar, type now, I need her here with me... :( I love guitar

_tudopelobieber 1430 days ago

muchhho meu c2

thaliamarzula 1450 days ago

tão meu

Belieber4evaxox 1455 days ago

ahaha awww(: he's concentrating SO hard ! lol NSN <3 loveyou Justin!xox (:

CryTillIDie 1458 days ago

OMG ! Justin is soooooo sexy ! *-*

LillaEllis 1460 days ago

This is so adorable!

ViaTwieber 1469 days ago

one word? love.

Jenny_JDB 1469 days ago

Aww he's concentrating so hard :)

OurHugeKidrauhl 1469 days ago


SoWhatImStillMe 1469 days ago

That's awesome

JB_ya_man 1469 days ago

well i have love him for years but i get bullyed at school for likeing him what do i do ??

BieberNuqqet 1469 days ago

ilyy you look so cute! (: #verifiedbelieber

rjluvjb 1469 days ago

love this boy :)

theswaggygirl_ 1469 days ago


JB_ya_man 1469 days ago

why do people bully me for likeing justin bieber ?? i should stop beliving unless somone helps me

kanJB_LATINGIRL 1469 days ago

He is always nailed it! (♥) (♥)

JB_ya_man 1469 days ago

i should stop beliving in justin bieber my dreams will never come true i guss i am that unlucky girl

kopurii 1469 days ago

I love this pic.wow Justin play guitar^^cool