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The montage video is still going strong! We may have to upload it early tomorrow morning! It'll be worth the wait!!

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1800 days ago

The montage video is still going strong! We may have to upload it early tomorrow morning! It'll be worth the wait!!


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nishiman7 1800 days ago

So happy for you both, congrats Charles and Alli!!! You both are Awesome. The Wedding vlog was amazing.

piquagirl2010 1800 days ago

Congratulations Charles and Alli :)

VampireFreak55 1800 days ago


DeanDaMachean 1800 days ago

GREATEST Couple Ever!! so happy congrats you two!!

KTNeumaroo 1800 days ago

im so excited for you guys! but honestly, i cant see anything changing except tax benefits lol

Arthursprospect 1800 days ago

So excited for this :)

MaddyCozart 1800 days ago

Ahh! Can't wait :) congrats you guys!!!

Moya97 1800 days ago

Guys, they're not doing it. & Co. are in charge of editing the Montage video. Not C&A

XxJBATTISTAxX 1800 days ago

Can't wait!!! man the time few by so fast its overwhelming All the good times on the vlogs congrats!!! love you guys

Michelle9880 1800 days ago

To be honest, I still can't believe that they're married. The time FLEW by!

domolxt 1800 days ago

This Montage is Going To Be EPIC! You guys already do really good vlogs!!

youNmectfxc 1800 days ago

i can't wait! i saw todays vlog, omg i cried so much! congrats to mr & mrs. trippy!

JohnSmithenson8 1800 days ago

No!! We want it this instant Charles!! lol jk Take as long as you need. Congratulations on getting married by the way, it's a beautiful thing.

JenniferNoelR 1800 days ago

Please don't stress it just do it to the max awesome!!!!

ScarletxHime 1800 days ago

Guess this means I'm bring my laptop to school to watch montage between classes :)

latino13heat 1800 days ago

yup had to write a paper about USS Maine going down. WELL guess ill do it tomorrow. also CONGRATS

JoeyChaparro 1800 days ago

Can't wait. Dont worry though, today's vlog AND the shaytards vlog is enough to hold me over :P

JoshitaR 1800 days ago

, haha , good luck xD I've been refreshing Charles channel & checking twitter like 1000000 times already >< but it's totally worth it :D

JustinDanh 1800 days ago

and congrats Charles and Alli. I'm so happy for the both of you :D!!

JustinDanh 1800 days ago

and i have an essay also. ahahah comparative politics. >.<