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Lovely optical illusion

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2210 days ago

Lovely optical illusion


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Brainlock72 2210 days ago

too obvious. I like the cover for the DVD "Shrooms" better. You actually have to look at that one a minute to see the illusion.

zem42 2210 days ago

took me a minute - very neat

araispoetry 2210 days ago

freaky! Not sure what the guy in the middle is doing...

Amethyst09 2210 days ago

I was a bit slow but got there in the end

bitsykalkbruner 2210 days ago

I had to cross my eyes to get it but...that's truly creepy.

taragh 2210 days ago

Very clever - I like it

SLWhitesell 2210 days ago

what's the illusion? other than it's extremely freaky.

angellynnn 2210 days ago

Dang! This could have been real if not for the guy in the middle tied up..

leontl1 2210 days ago

If you woke up from an operation to see that, you'd most likely die from a heart attack.

JMRooker 2210 days ago

That is too cool. Looks like an Iron Maiden album cover art.