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It rained & he's back! #LilJoe Muddy Feet!

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1651 days ago

It rained & he's back! #LilJoe Muddy Feet!


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nicole5of7 1650 days ago

#LilJoe is too cute for words. He looks so innocent with those puppy eyes. Thanks for sharing.

Pauleyfan 1650 days ago

I was just thinking the other day that i missed those muddy paws so thanks #LilJoe

cherry7up 1650 days ago

LilJoe you're sooo cute. I want to cuddle you. ...Wash your feet first though. ;)

LynneWJag 1650 days ago

Get him some wellingtons :)

SarahStornelli 1651 days ago

Awwww!!!!! Omg! Cutest ever!!! <3 I love his little muddy feet, and that face!

mrmadchef 1651 days ago

How can you be mad at that face?

Gnrl1 1651 days ago

Ha, looks so innocent

56AmyJane 1651 days ago

Who could say no to that face. He has the most soulful eyes.

PrincessMistyO 1651 days ago

I promise to wipe my feet ,! Can I come in please...

Saratkum 1651 days ago

This is TOO cute! His face says "im sowwy, its not my fault it wained" ;')

MarieEdwards429 1651 days ago

#LilJoe is so cute with those muddy feet, love the look on his face ... "awww mom, I needed it though"

zoo_animal_love 1651 days ago

#Liljoe is very cute, look like almost saying I'm sorry

SuzzieSuzanne 1651 days ago

#LilJoe very cute

abby_scuito 1651 days ago

Awwwww!! He's so adorable!!

lyonatheart1 1651 days ago

What? I din't do nothin.

SusanMizera 1651 days ago

What a face! Love #LilJoe