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878 days ago

Well the advice I give to all writers whether it's television, motion picture or novels or anything else is that you must write every day.

And one of the things that you come to realize when you're around a lot of writers is that they love to talk about writing and love having written but don't really love the process of writing.

They find it often very painful and this isn't bad.

Some of the best writers I know struggle. Every day they struggle. I don't struggle. And I know why I don't struggle.

I don't struggle because I was always the stupidest kid in the class and the idea that I would ever be brilliant was knocked out of me in the 3rd Grade.

So I'm not sitting around here trying to be brilliant or trying to be Shakespeare.

I'm just trying to get the work out I have on my head down on the page in the best possible way I know how. Without putting that horrible pressure on myself of saying, you know:

"And I'm going to write it today and in 200 years at Princeton University they will be studying these words."

*Laughs* I couldn't write like that!

And I know that's why a lot of my friends have problems getting it on paper.

You know, it's that sense that it HAS TO BE BRILLIANT . And, you know, I want my stuff to be as good as I can conceivably make it, but I'm not going to put that ["HAS TO BE BRILLIANT" EXPECTATION] on my head.

I think it's a real strong by-product of being the worst student in the school.

Stephen Joseph Cannell

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