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2599 days ago


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orenove 2574 days ago

solidarity whith iranian people

whatthefudge 2587 days ago

Not religious so I can't pray for you; however, I support you guys completely, and you are in my thoughts. Keep up the fight!

Kristylovesbb 2592 days ago

No one should be oppressed! You are still in my prayers

glennmonson 2594 days ago

gorbonatoe my prayers are with you iran, maybe my dream of visiting iran someday will come true. america is watching and praying for you

wenkman 2596 days ago

The people in iran have my sympathy. i hope you will get what you want....freedom but not through the US-Army

linnemann 2597 days ago

The hope is green

pappy86us 2597 days ago

Keep up the fight! The world is watching!

Kristylovesbb 2597 days ago

Still praying for you, love from America!

LPfanik 2598 days ago

FIGHT for your RIGHT, greetings...the world!

mjwoo 2598 days ago

Peace and freedom to Iran

Oruga 2598 days ago

You know, Obama is not the only authority in this world that got to react.

minuteman2 2598 days ago

Wake Up President Obama to Iran's problem. Listen to the People!

minuteman2 2598 days ago

Hey Iran Many in America hear you

FreedomsHope 2598 days ago

God be with you - prayers & support from USA.

djudju85 2598 days ago

hope from Germany

ChiliBeluga 2598 days ago

Dont give up! Freedom is yours to take. All the best hopes and solidarity from Denmark.

SahandTheGreat 2598 days ago

Freedom is close we won't give up!

scentart 2599 days ago

In solidarity from New Jersey, USA

Robo_Stew 2599 days ago

Wishing you the best and your Freedom. Thanks for your courage.

deepcroak 2599 days ago

You are the next generation and the future will be yours. May this man recover in a more democratic Iran and be a citizen of a more peaceful world. I thank him from New Hampshire for his courage.