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ToHanson 2597 days ago

how could we connect you? we are interested in this photo for publication in magazine. ASAP pls!

reyseaera 2767 days ago

As a Cuban-American, I only wish the people in the island would have the GUTS!!! go iran go!!!

norther2009 2771 days ago

Guys the gov here is like a dark shadow over our people we cant make noise and as soon as we do they kill us swear to god monkey face(Ahmadinejad)never been selected by people autocracy is in current here and watever the leader of this country says they d

mjwoo 2773 days ago

solidarity for freedom!

pardisrr 2773 days ago

Proud to be Iranian!

thevixy 2773 days ago


peterschulz09 2773 days ago

You people deserve democracy fight for it, don't give up. We feel YOU!

boosterp 2774 days ago

This is awe inspiring, thank you for you courage Iranians.

Bridget1145 2774 days ago

Such courage from the people of Iran. Freedom is a gift from God, no man can take that away. God be with you all.

MyLobotomy 2774 days ago

Searching 4 freedom #iranelection

roytreq 2774 days ago

President elect!

emorymom09 2774 days ago

The people of Iran have just spoken. what a powerful photo! Keep this up because the world is watching and we won't stay quiet.

zeb 2774 days ago

Breathtaking photo. Sending you support from New York! We respect your stand and applaud your efforts.

PlatypusSmiles 2774 days ago

REply to WMarkClarke, Funny thing is, I am an ordinary person and I wish I was there with them too.

mkexperience 2774 days ago

Outside of politics and culture know that any man or woman with empathy supports you all in this struggle and that the restraint and dignity on display is beautiful to everyone Whatever happens the people asked peacefully first for change.

PlatypusSmiles 2774 days ago

From Australia, strength and safety be with you.

lgs1958 2774 days ago

We stand with you, freedom-seeking people of Iran, even if our coward Western "democratic" governments don't verbalize it. Let Freedom Reign!

gwmmike 2774 days ago

If everyone who voted for Moussavi should send in to his office an acknowledgment of their vote for him then they can at least provide evidence that the cities did not have an accurate count I think this is going on ad hoc and thru the virtual net of Iran

DriscollB 2774 days ago

We stand with you freedom loving citizens of Iran from the US.