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Me and miquita bored at wembley, waiting for the jonas brothers. Story of our lives

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2596 days ago

Me and miquita bored at wembley, waiting for the jonas brothers. Story of our lives


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iamblossom 2509 days ago

it's hanging up in my room my nick mask :D like on top of some angel wings :P :P

emaaleeee 2509 days ago

My friend has the nick mask and she brought it to school after the concert. It's actually really life like surprisingly!

RaiiRaiiL0VE 2593 days ago

omg omg omg i was in the room opossite this one =p

In4merz 2593 days ago

They got the mask from JB In4merz UK street team! One of the guys gave it to Miquita! You can win more if you go on

clarein4merz 2593 days ago (jonas official UK streetteam) were giving out the masks, they have some on their site for members to win

Tanya_xO 2595 days ago

Where did everyone get those masks from?! I saw loads of people with them but had no idea where they came from

Charlie1984xXx 2596 days ago

lol, the purity ring question was a little awkward. I'm starting to think there not that into them anymore. I loved there version of Katy Perry's Thinking of You, it was great.

poppymarie 2596 days ago

grimmy have you heard the interview with jo whiley this morning she asked tham about their purity rings and it was slightly awkward,songs were good though:)x

Lissa_WWFC 2596 days ago

wish i was there so much! jealous :(

rachelgracexo 2596 days ago

nawwwww, jealous much.. XD

CamillaKelly 2596 days ago

what about kevin? x

racheelhart 2596 days ago

As if.. Wish I was there! ♥

Hollydoodle 2596 days ago

This is disturbing...

oh_rosie 2596 days ago

Haha! You'll have an awesome time :D

hippo_hooray 2596 days ago

Um, I'm not quite sure where to begin...

mollylauraheath 2596 days ago

aah have fun :)

krazylady2006 2596 days ago

hahahha omg dats funny

ellyisntcool 2596 days ago

Can I have your job? Like, srsly.

BethanyTimmsx 2596 days ago

first comment again haha im sad, grimmy reply...........xxxx