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2364 days ago


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heroicnudity 2254 days ago

I totally want these!!!

kevinsnelson 2363 days ago

wow. I need some of those. Very 2D retro awesome.

colinjsmith 2363 days ago

wow, they look like they belong on 'Zzzap'

DustinFreakinM 2363 days ago

Those are a badazz pair of shoes. Seriously.

ybiang 2363 days ago

your sneakers are adorable :) i'd love to see a pair in orange tho

chaotrix_nyx 2364 days ago

Holy Cats! It is very rare that 2D looks better than 3D. This be one of those times. So do they rokk your socks? ...Sorry, had to say it. XD

CJWellman 2364 days ago

What fun looking shoes! :)

XandGunn 2364 days ago

Those are amazing! Every time you look down, you can't help but smile. (Where did you get them and do they come in red?)

kelvlam 2364 days ago

interesting lookin... it looks so... toy-ish, like a comic version of sneakers. hahahaha

maxsummers 2364 days ago

Those are awesome!
Crazy, weird... but awesome!

speakerwiggin 2364 days ago

I don't know why exactly, but I think those are awesome.

SeishiZero 2364 days ago

Found them on Zappos http://tinyurl.com/6cp32m

NathanTamayo 2364 days ago

Those are awesome.

kenseto 2364 days ago

Awesome cell-shaded sneaks you got there! That's a cool Halloween costume idea, a full cell-shaded outfit

lost_star 2364 days ago

Wow, those are amazing shoes. I'm thinking I want a pair in pink!

LexiBadger 2364 days ago

*gasp* Those are SO COOL! Where do you get them? :O

timhengeveld 2364 days ago

RL cell shading!

huggyb 2364 days ago

those are real shoes? that's crazy, i want a pair

pfischer 2364 days ago

They're cool. Almost look cartoon-like. But very very cool. Black outlines are style'n.