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In me local cafe in London, oh yeah!!! ;-) G

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1653 days ago

In me local cafe in London, oh yeah!!! ;-) G


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_anapaulaleal 1581 days ago

eca feij√£o

ILoveTheScript 1633 days ago

You had bacon!!! Happy days for Glen, was it?! ;-)

jlynn322 1652 days ago

THAT's a meal!!

TheScriptPt 1652 days ago

thanks now im hungry :-)

bestbing 1653 days ago


Mrs_Sensitive 1653 days ago

Um..... that looks amazing aaaand now I'm even more starving than before! I miss these full brekkies!

GDMTheScriptfan 1653 days ago

im sorry... that looks really gross... maybe it tastes better then it looks? im just an american!

broquolis 1653 days ago

que fome

thescriptcha 1653 days ago

GAWD I hate beans.. Nway sausages are awesomeLOL BIGLOVE

Fnoo 1653 days ago

Pudding, even.

Fnoo 1653 days ago

Black pussing is the greatest thing ever.

Zelmaey 1653 days ago

I wish I was in London ):

BeckyAmyEvans 1653 days ago

ooh bacon!! :) english brekkies (y)

Swezzz 1653 days ago


jayne_moors 1653 days ago

OMG...what I wouldnt give for that!!!! Hope you enjoyed!! xxx

supersorina 1653 days ago

wow.... that looks yummy... mmmhh... I want;-)

cheryl4400 1653 days ago

@ G check ur DMs pls cos I Definitely owe u one!! Nothing beats a home-cooked meal! ;-) xxx

hifmradio 1653 days ago

Oooh, BLACK PUDDING! Save me a bit Glenn!! Haha, Kathy ;-)) Hi Fm Radio

TweetsaRSmith 1653 days ago

Lucky you!!! Enjoy:)