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#IranElection First pictures from protests in Enghelab. (ref:

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1920 days ago

#IranElection First pictures from protests in Enghelab. (ref:


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midwintersong 1919 days ago

The world is watching you. Good luck!

troybuddy 1920 days ago

I'm very impressed with the Iranian people. You can not let that corrupt leadership steal from you like that. Analysts are predicting heavy handed reaction from the dictator and an end to the protests by day 4. Do not falter! You are inspiring the world.

slnaeole 1920 days ago

That is beautiful.

hahnenkaempfer 1920 days ago

hope you get rid of that dictatorship! with you in spirit.

gilli85 1920 days ago

Good luck - From Austria. Dont stop! We are with you! Try to upload Pictoures. Our TV need's Photos or Videos.

dmoreno1 1920 days ago

Good luck!

akoufin 1920 days ago

the midwest is behind you! dinnerjacket must be thrown out!

ravenlore 1920 days ago

From Minneapolis, Minnesota USA. Saving image. We are with you in spirit.

jerryphelps 1920 days ago

From California, USA, we are witnessing your historic struggle. You are making a difference. Keep it up. I am wearing green to work today. The world IS watching.

JoeKuhl 1920 days ago

How can the international community continue to view as legitimate the government of Ahmadinejad?

edgeoforever 1920 days ago

Good to know that in other countries people care about stolen elections...Here it's "get over it"

ayoobbooya 1920 days ago

Dont stop!!! We will get rid of Ahamadinejad!!


Drugojacopo 1920 days ago

We are all with you! Democracy 2.0 on the making!

TheRedDianthus 1920 days ago

I wish that I could stand with you. Prayers go to each of you for continued strength, safety and freedom.

palaba 1920 days ago

You will be in the thoughts and prayers of all the world

sushitwit 1920 days ago

Wow, incredible!!! Stay safe, the world is watching!!

jckaufmann 1920 days ago

You already made a huge difference! Keep standing your ground and donĀ“t give up! Tons of courage from Duesseldorf, Germany!

bobkiss3021 1920 days ago

I am proud of you! You are getting closer to getting back what is yours.

pjwrites 1920 days ago

Power to the people of Iran! Have courage, stand firm! We are with you in spirit from Tampa Bay, Florida, USA.

shish85 1920 days ago

Amazing photo, I'm so proud of those Iranians!