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this is an MRI scan of the brain. any guesses as to what you are seeing?

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2595 days ago

this is an MRI scan of the brain. any guesses as to what you are seeing?


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selenawingfield 2515 days ago

It would still cause issues for the patient if it continues to grow, right? How did the removal go? Or did the patient opt to forego surgery?

kyrasinging2 2572 days ago

seema to be an hypophyseal malignant tumor o' alongwith calcification...i also feel there's some lesion in the left temporal lobe..or may be it's the plane nd rotation o' d view

Kusa2k 2573 days ago

I think its lupus

kailualia 2584 days ago

a big tumor maybe a glioma?

wethepuppets 2587 days ago

not yours I hope.By the way thanks for all your help in Chicago.

VikingGrl 2588 days ago

Zeus about to give birth to Venus?

EmergentCare 2590 days ago

A really, really huge medical bill.

spinebrain 2590 days ago

This may be a suprasellar meningioma with chiasmal compression and possible right cavernous sinus invasion. DDx Invasive Pituitary Adenoma

cindy1976 2590 days ago

Brain Tumor over primary motor cortex

elizabherbert 2592 days ago

bleeding in the brain=stroke???

Smiley1164 2593 days ago

I would say a pituitary gland tumor. I had surgery 1 1/2 years ago to remove a begnign frontal meningioma the size of a softball. ALL IS WELL!!!

Audie_911 2593 days ago


Audie_911 2593 days ago

A tumor the size of a golf ball...or a fetus(?)

chjeeves 2594 days ago

my father had a tumor affecting the optic nerves, he lost his left field vision. and it was treated empirically as CNS Lymphoma...it worked for a few months, recovered some strength but never recovered his vision..

singlead 2595 days ago

My sister has a glioblastoma multiforme that looks alot like this only hers is more rt. side, involving motor centers. Her Doc at UCSF says inoperable; has long tendrils, been growing a long time. She is functioning well right now but is young with young

501cExecutive 2595 days ago

MDACC/Dr. Rhines did great work removing 100% of a level III oligodendroglioma from top of my Wernicks in left temporal lobe. This pic is fascinating to me.

dukie16 2595 days ago

Frontal lobe tumor?

MaxElram 2595 days ago

i though a meningioma would be closer to the skull, its interesting that this is right on the midline.

MaxElram 2595 days ago

superior to the pons and brain stem, in this axial cut wrapped around the r carotid artery, cant see the it at the optic nerves because that is inferior to the image cut. Not very diffused because so its probably a low grade glioma. I dont think I would

marlsunshine 2595 days ago

I am going to find out how to scan my NF1 tumor that is said to be inoperable to you C1 or2