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#Cartoon - Egyptian people have addressed a clear message: #NOSCAF ! - #Tahrir #Egypt

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1680 days ago

#Cartoon - Egyptian people have addressed a clear message: #NOSCAF ! - #Tahrir #Egypt


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M_Qandeil 1676 days ago


3eeb3aleek 1677 days ago

Egyptian people have addressed a clear message: #NOSCAF ! - #Tahrir

a_adel_30 1677 days ago

dear carlos , it've been started on 19. at , not 18

QCChemist 1677 days ago

The student who superior his master.

brobof 1678 days ago

#FuckSCAF! 15 dead at last count! They are not fit to be called police or the people's army "Genocidal war criminals springs to mind."

Ebnseryy 1679 days ago

فلقس يا مشير حلوة يا لاطوف يخربيت دماغك ياراجل #noscaf

ModatherAboZaid 1679 days ago

as brillint as always .. :)
sadlly he won't act upon it ..

EgyLammers 1679 days ago

#Nov18 was not that effective at all... the cartoon is great and it would really strong if we didnt withdraw

Dr_Emmy_00 1679 days ago

How a clear msg ... IDIOT SCAF

IbnSina81 1680 days ago

Thank you carlos for reading my mind.... Again

amsorady 1680 days ago

it's really awesome amazing cartoon

3b7afeez 1680 days ago

is it clear enough assholes or you want more #noscaf #fuckscaf #freealaa

khadiga2010 1680 days ago

amazing carlos :)))

minagwilliam 1680 days ago

the people want to overthrow the regime #NOSCAF

ma8rabe 1680 days ago


Kemoozz 1680 days ago

Great one :))

TheHeterodoxian 1680 days ago

لأ فعلاً ابداع، جاتلك الفكرة دى ازاى؟؟ دى فكرة ماتخطرش على بال حد، أنا بأحييك على دماغك دى

zizi_magdy 1680 days ago

realy scary one hope he saw it now

NadineNonny 1680 days ago

iAhmedSameh 1680 days ago

Fuck Scaf !