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Rob says follow @peterfacinelli. And we do what Rob says, right?!? That's what I thought...

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2112 days ago

Rob says follow . And we do what Rob says, right?!? That's what I thought...


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ME_ME_AND_ME 2056 days ago

Soo funny good editing!

josephineanne 2086 days ago

If thats really robert's writting than woah he got good writing lol

caquelin_52 2100 days ago


Cindirocksyou 2110 days ago

follow peter facinelli!! rob said!!

carolyuhasz 2110 days ago

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! We always do what Rob says!!

StephanieW_xoxo 2110 days ago

Ohhh, this is so awesome!

annroby 2110 days ago

we will all stick to the Cullen's family.haha i know i'm following:)

tubemazter 2110 days ago

im following peter of course! i wunna please Rob anytime. Btw, Peters friend rob is not rob pattinson itz a diff rob..

unbeatable_xoxo 2111 days ago

lol so funny! rob's soo hot ♥

ejmacca 2111 days ago

that is so awesome... good job.. not that you need it.. i think your a great actor.

jenzica91 2111 days ago

Lol... he wouldn't say that! If Peter wins the bet then Rob loses the bet!!

Marieu03 2111 days ago

ok I'll do what rob said
nice picture!!!!!!

Caityn_n 2111 days ago

I'm soo following!! lol
Rob's the boss!!

FlaviaNguyen 2111 days ago

Too cute... Nice hand writing!!!

kikibebi 2111 days ago

love this

epicfive 2111 days ago

i think thats fake cause noone can write like that. but i will do it anyway :)

VeroCanales 2111 days ago

Rob is "team Peter" haha

glad_wrap 2111 days ago

who cares what simon says...i follow what rob says, hahaha

GE0RGiE_P0RGiE 2111 days ago

It will please me! Ha. He would say that.

KatMcCauley 2111 days ago

Sorry about that, all. Need to engage brain before fingers. Yeah, he's HOT alright. Funny, too. God, look at those fingers :-p