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#OccupyCal protesters circumvent order not to post tents by floating them above Sproul Hall

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1682 days ago

#OccupyCal protesters circumvent order not to post tents by floating them above Sproul Hall


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greendoula 1640 days ago

PeterSydneyDash 1680 days ago

Fascinating. Occupy the Fed Reserve is one cry. If Tea potters, unions etc join up, it's going to be something. Hope a real dialogue between Wall Street and protesters is established in the end.Such a positive synergy could prove beneficial.Now that is ra

Jim_Blake 1681 days ago


cmcallihan 1681 days ago

This is why we will prevail in our efforts for a better nation.Smart, imaginative people will always find a way.

pyrandcompany 1681 days ago

Unidentified Floating Occupiers!

zuchinno 1681 days ago

Even if things get heavy, we'll all float on.
Alright already, we'll all float on alright.
Don't you worry, we'll all float on.
We'll all float on.

Sarurah 1681 days ago

Exactly what Freedom activists did in Libya under Gadafi

2complex2know 1681 days ago

I love this pic! What's next? Floating Port-O-Potties?

HTP_NTR 1681 days ago

Bathroom? Didn't ya know all cops love Golden Showers! #FTP

USDayofRage 1682 days ago

An endless number of bright imaginative people able to achieve any objective. The hive mind in action. Well done.

Forcetask2 1682 days ago

Circumvents the Machine and makes a fool of them.

bambudude 1682 days ago

Brilliant yes, but what happens when they have to use the bathroom? NEEDS MOAR URINALS!

Nick_Josh 1682 days ago

brilliant and amazing thought, now just hope the govt doesnt deploy air force to evict these tents

tmack894 1682 days ago


wrki 1682 days ago

Thank you #OccupyCal! So awesome! #OccupyTogether!

EdFromOakland 1682 days ago

Now that's creative thinking.

ScottSpencer2K 1682 days ago

OutStanding! :)

Badgers_Rebel 1682 days ago

Reminiscent of Madison Heart Balloons at #OccupyCAL | #WiUnion #RecallWalker #OO #OccupyDC #OWS