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Hey, you! Play more games! Now!


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1626 days ago



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celebifan251 1621 days ago

A hotel room there is like, 100$! Do u want them 2 be wasting their money on a hotel room??? No u don't!

celebifan251 1621 days ago

They could be using that on ur merchandise! I think u should put it in Canada, at least u'll get profits.

celebifan251 1621 days ago

Again? For goodness sake! NO THANK YOU, GOOD DAY SIR!

Jamesanator223 1624 days ago

oh come on!!! its in america again
notch. SORT THIS OUT!!!

jazzpii 1625 days ago

Notch, please make the next Minecon in Europe!
Full version came out at 23:30 or something like that here.
And if Minecraft 2.0.0 comes out 23:30 too, well...
It would suck reeeeeaaaaaalllllyyyyy much... pleeease, Notch!

DavidSmith371 1625 days ago

shouldn't that say 2011?

KaimarKp 1626 days ago

lets go crazy and badass lets to it in ESTONIA

DuniyaSamakov 1626 days ago

Next MineCon will be in Moscow ;D

DarkSkyper 1626 days ago

Next Minecon in New Zealand? :D

CoolMCVids 1626 days ago

Could next minecon be in Australia?? W.A?
Being an australian, we miss out on a lot of big events :(

9alou7FA 1626 days ago

ok thats the END of minecraft with endermens and enderdragons

Dirnol 1626 days ago

"now you now"? I think I'll stay in Oklahoma ;)

drumersrule5 1626 days ago

so im assuming this is an announcement that there will be a minecon event next year as well.

Slipperysam2010 1626 days ago

2012??? Awesome theres one in 2012

janderso72 1626 days ago

well at least wwe know minecon will live the ending of the world! i hope minecraft will too.

songboy123 1626 days ago

Perfect, Just a little off

MarioLAguayoJr 1626 days ago

lol, now you now Nevada is filled with #DERPS. Try New York sometime.

_kcsj_ 1626 days ago

Close enough.

Tomss113 1626 days ago