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alli simpson. 13 year old girl from australia. ACTRESS, MODEL, SINGER, DREAMER. living and loving life. #GCF, is the future.

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good times at dinner last night with @codysimpson and @haileesteinfeld. #Kitchen24ForTheWin

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1018 days ago

good times at dinner last night with and . #Kitchen24ForTheWin


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BYErenata 1006 days ago

i'm so jealouuuuuuuuuus.

kristajbcs 1017 days ago

love it!
alli&hailee look gorgeous, &cody, amazing as always <3

capelle_143 1017 days ago

woaah, alli and hailee are gorgeeeous .

TheGrandeMentos 1017 days ago

You and Hailee lopk beautiful , and cody looks so hot :)

CodysVSAngel 1017 days ago

Love it!!

chimericaltruth 1017 days ago

Oh, and look at Alli! She has grown up so much since I've known about them!

chimericaltruth 1017 days ago

I cant lie, this makes me a little jealous! But hey, they are cute, dating or just friends!(:

AussieLove_143 1017 days ago

has anyone else noticed how f*cking gorgeous alli looks? love it!

OnlyWithBiebss 1017 days ago


gorgeouscody 1017 days ago

Look at the iphone's wallpaper .. it's hailee and cody.

icecreamcody 1017 days ago

cute (:

TheRealJana 1018 days ago

nice pic. .:)

ItsMariamR 1018 days ago

SarahxElisabeth 1018 days ago

OMG his arm's around her! That MUST mean they're dating. *Please note heavy sarcasm.

AlyseLovesCody 1018 days ago

Alli your so pretty, I love you Cody ! <3 xoxo Whos that girl? Shes pretty =)

doraNJC 1018 days ago

they are so cute..i think they dating..they are so cute 2gether <3

leha197 1018 days ago


kaekiibz 1018 days ago

ahhhhhhh so CUTE!!!!!!!!

sedor_natalie 1018 days ago

R they dating??

F_Simpson143 1018 days ago

BEAUTIFUL, and Alli too!!.143 forever!!!