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NYPD arrest woman in wheelchair but can't figure out how 2 take her 2 jail. They ticket her instead.

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1628 days ago

NYPD arrest woman in wheelchair but can't figure out how 2 take her 2 jail. They ticket her instead.


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RonTeeJohnson 1622 days ago

Keep on keeping on, Nadina! (Especially before they can figure out what to do with you) http://www.ronaldteejohnson.com

nlaspina 1627 days ago

I'm Nadina LaSpina, activist in photo, under arrest & arguing w/cops 4 equal treatment with comrades.

StephenDrakeNDY 1627 days ago

She's disability rts actvst. Been at it for 2+ decades. Boston cops woulda grabbed accessible bus.

Boxer_AF 1627 days ago

I knew you were trouble the first time I saw you!

DayLi2US 1628 days ago


elhombrequerie 1628 days ago

reminds me what happened on May 27th in Barcelona http://bit.ly/rJ3SHa

Scarlytte 1628 days ago

Way it looked on the feed, is that she was arrested for sitting in an intersection, that NYPD blocked.

CheetahPizzas 1628 days ago

"LOOK-LADY, you either WALK-into-the-paddywagon,-OR- We'll-beatSpraytaser your ass."

DeepBlueSea96 1628 days ago

Maybe we need more wheelchairs in the parks 4 everyone?

gmapam2 1628 days ago

The elderly, children, handicap, vet, ex-servicemen have all been assaulted. Where is the justice. Is this what our tax dollar's paying for.

sam_szurek 1628 days ago

Maybe the police vans aren't handicapped accessible.

babaki1 1628 days ago

really? she doesn't look like she is under arrest...

NiviaCarold 1628 days ago

What a disturbing image.

Sean_Mc 1628 days ago

Once wheelchairs are outlawed, only outlaws will have wheelchairs.

VBartilucci 1628 days ago

"I ran over their toes. Twice."

JazBenz 1628 days ago

arrest her for what? talking? lol

life_panels 1628 days ago

Unbelievable! But almost tragically funny!

luvapetadopt 1628 days ago

I use a wheelchair and trust me...cop DO know how to cuff a wheelchair user. They did not cuz the cameras were on

LCarterLong 1628 days ago

Call it karma. That's what Bloomberg gets for not making taxis accessible.