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Was in the bathroom at a random place and saw my face

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1775 days ago

Was in the bathroom at a random place and saw my face


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Yesmine79 1774 days ago

u rock the wc!!
u own the world!

caliban666 1774 days ago

That's cool. Fame in the toilet is where it's at, right now! You rule!

GeorgeLeClaire 1774 days ago

Location is everything! I see Chicago Liz Strauss to nice.

MsBabyGotBack 1775 days ago

Isn't that shocking for you. How was your "concentration"? Your own mug staring back at you. Scary. Creepy. STALKER! You stalk yourSELF! #Hollywood.

Rawporter 1775 days ago

Just happy we didn't get the full reflection!

AnneSGillis 1775 days ago

What a rush.

JeffBowman 1775 days ago

#1 reason for water damaged phones: taking photos while urinating (do not attempt at home)

attonplace 1775 days ago

Noah what i like about this photo you are on top of the page cool one

rahulsingh_786 1775 days ago

Actually it should be bigger:))))))))))

donnapuipotente 1775 days ago


SergeyKalmykov8 1775 days ago


DollyChiang 1775 days ago

ooooooo....~ nice

kim 1775 days ago

Awesome. Please say hello to & . :)

tatymrs 1775 days ago

Congrats! Have a nice day! Kisses

ajith06kumar 1775 days ago


HydroBoston 1775 days ago

Not on your calendar?

funbunn40 1775 days ago

At least it was a picture and not a phone number! ! haha

charles116 1775 days ago

I think I saw that face peeping under a stall in a bar in Greenwich Village.

bar_gus_art 1775 days ago

I must say "And what a very nice face it is on that bathroom wall."

ShinHyoSoo 1775 days ago

Twitpic founder :)