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theanswertomyriddlewasnothing hereisyourprizeaspromised

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1685 days ago

theanswertomyriddlewasnothing hereisyourprizeaspromised


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Mortem_Midi 1668 days ago

that didn't really help much...

Smartsy1 1681 days ago

omg. his hand and pills are from "INTERRUPTION" go watch it again and you'll know.

gamemaker412 1684 days ago

I think the point the picture is trying to make is that he didn't die from an overdose but died mysteriously.

KatyO2010 1684 days ago

This picture is photoshop. Notice the "Do not cross" sign has a shadow but not his arm. this is odd

mynameisjawsh 1684 days ago

This isn't Milo.

mynameisjawsh 1684 days ago

Well, this doesn't solve anything. There is something wrong here. And I can't quite figure it out.

Liz1Lizzy 1684 days ago

The way his hand is. wouldn't it be palm down? His arm almost looks broken.

BernardoGrando 1684 days ago

white words on a black table

EmpyrealMoon 1684 days ago

milo isnt really in the photo. the pills, pill container, cap and number one are not as well.

EmpyrealMoon 1684 days ago

milo is on a floor and the pills are fake.

EmpyrealMoon 1684 days ago

how is his arm straight? it should be in the air. something in this photo isnt real. i think milo isnt really there. he has been placed in the photo. does he even have a shadow?

traumatap 1684 days ago

Milo is using his right hand to reach for pills, but he's lying on his left... wouldn't you use your left hand then?

AmericanSlonder 1684 days ago

Something does seem to be off about this pic... I just can't this momet what it is...

Jazza296 1684 days ago

there is an X beside him... on the bed
and there is something Blueish on the drawer next to him dont know if this means anything

holdingthetruth 1685 days ago

wait I think Observer did it or Slendy we have yet to figure it out

HoganSevenfold 1685 days ago

didnt he die by overdosing on his pills? they are all right there...

KatyO2010 1685 days ago

This pix is very odd... look at the way the arm is.. n the pills.... somethin is not right...

NChav17 1685 days ago

I think what we're missing here is that there's a hanes sock there in the corner. Sneaky observer.

Choreo_Love 1685 days ago

What about the pattern the pills fell in? They've all fallen between his ring and pinky fingers.

PurloinedKitten 1685 days ago

That does not seem like enough for an overdose to me. I wish I could see the bottle label clearer