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Why does my dog always find his way into the center of the Dog Centipede?  #ithinkhelikesit!

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1896 days ago

Why does my dog always find his way into the center of the Dog Centipede? #ithinkhelikesit!


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inlovewnkotb 1889 days ago

He looks like A Boss! Lumpy is a bad ass doggie

NKOTB_Soldier 1893 days ago

The same way his owners always ends up in the BlockHead centipede! ;) lol

pilsbury4 1894 days ago

Now the dogs are bigger than him. Um I think he's hinting at something :)

Donniesangel296 1894 days ago

lmao! thats funny!!

_loveAngela 1895 days ago

aww <3 I think its because all the dogs like him ;)

nkotbgirl86 1895 days ago

me too. :)

JulieOrr 1895 days ago


Penhazita 1895 days ago

Coz today is wednesday, It's HUMP Day !! LOL

danigal533 1895 days ago

are those 2 male dogs?

Irma18 1895 days ago

Happy "LUMP "day. ( how appropriate. :) )

MoniqueTEarley 1895 days ago

Having you as his owner how else is he suppose to be! He loves it just as YOU! ;)

Natascha_1974 1895 days ago

Haha how cute. I own an American Bulldog.

DdubsGirlieGirl 1895 days ago

Because it`s HUMP day...And he does everything like his owner ;D LOL...So cute!!;))They seem to like him ;) hehe

crzcwgrl 1895 days ago

because he likes to be the center of attention!!!

Mla676 1895 days ago

So cute, lol! Love the big fellas with him, Great Danes?

vingerdivin 1895 days ago

he like the attention

MARIA_MARTA 1895 days ago

your dog is a genio;; sandwich club!! lol besos love youuuuuuuuuuuuuu

dws_choctruffle 1895 days ago

Idk but it's a cute picture.

Lorit1974 1895 days ago

Just like my English bulldog always stuck with the big guys!

phoenixmoon3 1895 days ago

cos he smells so goooood :)