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Photo of park now, totally cleared

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1923 days ago

Photo of park now, totally cleared


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Argonaust 1922 days ago

90% of these people are useless, worthless members of society who we have to pay for in the end. Work for what you want instead of demanding.

The park needed to be cleaned because you smelly fuc*s think its a hippi fest and piss/shit all over the place

SeanKD 1923 days ago

OWS never used violence? Who are you kidding?

iwonder124 1923 days ago

I can respect those opinions may differ, however, the NYPD didn't respect OWS by using violence. OWS never did use violence.

SeanKD 1923 days ago

The only reminder of the communist/socialist OWS presence was the faint odor of patchouli and a$$ in the air...

CarlDageforde 1923 days ago

you're stupid too, they're fighting for you until you wake up!

CarlDageforde 1923 days ago

you are a politically retarded, do independent research/ no mainstream media

CarlDageforde 1923 days ago

ITS NOT ABOUT JOBS...70% of the protesters have jobs. its corporations owning govt, media, fed

CelluloidBlonde 1923 days ago

I do not understand why there are so many vehement hating posts here. Josh is pro Occupy, you Wall Street pricks must paying a lot in overtime to send flunkies out to hit and comment on pro Occupy spaces.

nyquiltsmithcom 1923 days ago

They overstayed their welcome, managed to irritate
neighbors, workers and NYC at large. With undefined
goals little accomplished but poorly articulated class
warfare at an adolescent level. The cleanup will be
be horrendous. Take your gig elsewhere and

Sharon_Rose12 1923 days ago

And the TAXPAYERS have a right to clean up a filthy pigsty, asshole. Go home. Take a shower.

klondike10312 1923 days ago

This is a stigma on NYC history. Everyone over reacted, NYPD & OWS. Despite feelings ppl have right to protest.

tedsplitter 1923 days ago

"Order prevails in NY." You stupid lackeys! Your “order” is built on sand. Tomorrow the revolution will rise up again, clashing its weapons, and to your horror it will proclaim with trumpets blazing: I was, I am, I shall be!

Sharon_Rose12 1923 days ago

Good riddance. Now let's keep the dirtly little ne'er-do-wells out for good.

GENUG 1923 days ago

well, ABOUT FRIGGIN TIME! maybe the protesters can spend time finding jobs. Raytheon has over 1000 job openings - Long Island, Syracuse, etc. what, no one willing to apply for a good paying job? GREAT DAY FOR THE POLICE POWER OF THE CONSTITUTION!!!!!

dwyerj1 1923 days ago

The silence of the battlefield after the last bomb is not peace. Clean, neat, sterile not good.

BisayaMoney 1923 days ago

64Whiskey 1923 days ago

Who’s going to slow the economy by blocking commerce and break the windows now? Pre-owned tent sale?

sievans 1923 days ago

There is no difference between what occured here today and the actions of many of the regimes that the U.S authorities condemn. sad day for liberty