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.@mrskutcher photoed rocking an UP by @Jawbone late last week!

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1021 days ago

. photoed rocking an UP by late last week!


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JaimeBennett77 1003 days ago

i don't know why people feel the need to criticise peoples looks & lives, she's a human being!

whythiskol 1004 days ago

Demi Moore Dating Scott-Vincent Borba Pictures leaked here - http://su.pr/2PGjEn

lil_mara 1005 days ago

eeew - her neck looks like a turkey gobbler / no wonder ashton dumped that skeletor looking hag. gross picture!

KAnnieC 1005 days ago

I was married 19 yrs, had baby with my husband 17 years younger. He kicked me to the curb!! GO

ByVCar 1007 days ago

: If I were you can back with Bruce. I think they still love. I loved this couple! Ashton is handsome, but Bruce a handsome MAN

tina_tinica 1010 days ago

And when a man is OLDER THEN NOBODY LEAVES SUCH COMMENTS ... hypocrite

comqueroupavou_ 1010 days ago

omg she's so beautiful

Jenni06Jennifer 1011 days ago

c'est dur mais il faut avancer, vous êtes pas toute seule, vaut enfants sont près de vous, votre famille et vos amies, Et malheureusement des hommes qui trompe leur femme célèbre ou non, il en existera toujours. soyer forte et avancer.

KazunguPhD 1012 days ago

life ha happy times and not happy times. at your advanced age, i encourage you to live alone.

Blondeonahd 1014 days ago

I dated a guy 20 years younger, after a while I felt like Mom. When he started looking at girls his own age, I broke it off. It hurt but I knew it would get worse. You did the right thing Trust is everything.

Heavenly0001 1016 days ago

I'm looking at an UP by . Do you love yours? BTW, I'm proud of you...

Heavenly0001 1016 days ago

I'm looking at an UP by ...do you love yours?

nadiatoo 1016 days ago

maybe it's late but Ashton is a good guy,no matters what happened.i'm sad it's finish, i hope not

mqtwiry 1016 days ago

so sorry ಥ_ಥ

IonieMae 1017 days ago

Hi Demi.. I am not on the position to advise as I do not know what happen and you even don't know me personally. I know that what happened to your marriage with ashton really hurts but, if you still love him don't give up. As it shows that ashton still lo

Dashaben 1017 days ago

so sorry to hear this, please look for an older man he is too young

MeleneoneOrjo 1017 days ago

Leave that shit, and there came a man who will pamper and take care

MeleneoneOrjo 1017 days ago

Demi, leave USA and come in CROATIA

riggo44girl 1018 days ago

Sometimes life sucks & still the sun rises promising better days.Stay strong & true 2 urself.

b1scott 1018 days ago

Wishing u Peace,stay postive,my prayers go out to u,