The awkward moment when Justin Bieber rejects you.

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1328 days ago

The awkward moment when Justin Bieber rejects you.


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Ghertomp 1312 days ago

This proves he's gay. :)

caraleighanne 1313 days ago

Lol you idiots, it will be part of his act. Duhh.

EmmaLagos_C2 1314 days ago

OMG! XD! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahaha!!!

Stephanie52020 1321 days ago

haha sucks for her. she got rejected by the biebs! she is like hey come back!

g_glfi 1323 days ago

hahaha JB

m_Kaur35 1325 days ago

wow embarrassing! ..but what was he doing that close to her face anyway?? lol

SHONIAMAY1126 1325 days ago

when was this?

SHONIAMAY1126 1325 days ago

Why did she even try, she was already lucky enough to be OLLG, some girlz are embarrasing

LenaMarques10 1327 days ago

kkkkkk tadinha aff era so pra ser a ollg e naum pra abusar do jujuba kk do justin

KenzeMcGuire 1327 days ago

could it be his baby mama?

DBieberOwnsMe 1327 days ago

aw. that's so sad and embarrassing.

MrBieberIzMine 1328 days ago

I remember seeing this LOL

maibreak 1328 days ago

toma na fuceta gringa

KSwag_ThaKidd 1328 days ago

haha she salty