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Everybody's talkin' 'bout the good ol' days! @NickCannon

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888 days ago

Everybody's talkin' 'bout the good ol' days!


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SuperBootyApp 708 days ago

Lol he's too funny! LOoool

sashthesunshine 882 days ago

SHOEEEEEEEES! <3 (and Nick's hot in his Santa outfit! :P)

LBrownJ 885 days ago

Santa slim down, and tanned lol nice Nick

MaRcosStOcHe 887 days ago


LadyGagaAdmires 888 days ago

Nick you are so funny hahahah :) LOL Mimi, look at all those shoes in the background =o Can I borrow one? =D ♥

star_terra 888 days ago

this sooooo funny santa can you tell mr if i was naught or nice please LOL

MaaryFortunato 888 days ago

xoxo ;)

Smkn_LK_Marley 888 days ago

ooo can i borrow a pair of shoes? lol is he the santa for the naughtys or the nice? love it!

MCLamb_JayMark 888 days ago

can i have the shoes there ? :)) LOL's

smartgurl24 888 days ago

nice Santa suit!

norvashavanique 888 days ago

btw check out mariah's multiple shoes in the background

norvashavanique 888 days ago

lol check my brother in law nick out i guess Santa came to see you early huh lol lym dahhhling♥

bestbing 888 days ago


SophalMiracle 888 days ago

U C Saint Nick's not a trick! He's holding de invisible candysticks! <3 the shoes' den!

CenasLambJG4L 888 days ago

Nick: Mariah, why do YOU have all these shoes?

HR_RockStar 888 days ago

Cute :-) but totally upstaged by your shoes! lol

JohnMARIAH 888 days ago

we gon' laugh. la la la la la!

claudinhaxa 888 days ago

Yaay! beautiful shoes diva! Xx

LopesPedroO 888 days ago

Look at all those shoes in the background!! :D (I WANNA LOL)

SSbeachgrl8 888 days ago

can I have your shoes?