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just doin chinese water torture on a girlscout. typical sunday night.

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1846 days ago

just doin chinese water torture on a girlscout. typical sunday night.


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ninjasdawsonfan 1783 days ago

that is the most unpedo thing ive eva SEEN!!! lol love you shane;D

CheesyLovesMeh 1845 days ago

last sunday it AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALL again.... :D

TeAmoiKidrauhl 1845 days ago

Hahaha :) '

Electric__Angel 1845 days ago

Im a girl scout, maybe you could do something to me ;)

brettebear 1846 days ago

Ewwwww Shane How much did you drink

BrianMoreno13 1846 days ago

Haha! Dude, I would so do that.
If I wasn't supervized constantly. ._.

POTCovenant 1846 days ago

oh god, R Kelly strikes again! D:

WillowLacey 1846 days ago

xD oh geez shane :pp

burai97 1846 days ago

this isnt helping ANY of the pedo rumors.

SindiMJDado 1846 days ago


MyAnhPham 1846 days ago


HechoEn1979 1846 days ago

wet cookies, NO Thanks! hahaha xD

NoahLeBaron 1846 days ago

So... where did you find the random girl scout?

asilrhodes 1846 days ago


Jitterson 1846 days ago

looking at this would be a *WTF?!* moment IF it was posted by pretty much anyone else...

EricGilbert2 1846 days ago

lolzz you guys are so funny i love you guys lolzz

DesireeSj_love 1846 days ago

hahahaha you guys are crazy! XP

HaydenIl 1846 days ago

you can't even fucking spell "Chinese"...

Hershybaby2 1846 days ago

Oh my god i love you so much Shane lee:3

sakurafizzy 1846 days ago

That's not Chinese water torture! I should know, I'm Chinses :p