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Don't you even think it

Cops empty out Occupy Chapel Hill w assault rifles like it's Baghdad. They really love protecting banks' property

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1897 days ago

Cops empty out Occupy Chapel Hill w assault rifles like it's Baghdad. They really love protecting banks' property


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Philzilla2k 1895 days ago

The VT-MK-IV Non-Lethal Rifle uses .68 caliber non-lethal rounds, has a 15 round magazine. Designed to resemble the M-4 5.56 rifle that tactical operators are familiar with, the MK-IV will increase operator accuracy with an impact/irritant round.

theantigov 1895 days ago

Seriously Philzilla? Magazine fed "tear gas guns" that fire 5.56mm bullets and look like ARs..

bodhirayo 1895 days ago

persistent resistance = victory. violence = failure. video everything. be peace.

gauharjk 1895 days ago

Support Ron Paul now... He is the only one who can put an end to this attack on liberty...

Philzilla2k 1895 days ago

those aren't assault rifles they're tear gas guns

Dani33343334 1895 days ago


Frodo3320 1896 days ago

SHAME ON YOU! We can see u! This is not America!

Truth247 1896 days ago

The power elite fear the "weapons" of the 1st Amendment, words, more than they fear the weapons of the 2nd Amendment.

Truth247 1896 days ago

The comments cheering on the police expose those RWers as UnAmerican, anti-Constitutional they really are.

meeso 1896 days ago

That guy standing there in the black is badass. I love him... I will find him and marry him.

c_anonymus 1896 days ago

The Only Criminals I see are carrying rifles & Pistols.
I see 1 ex military.
Funny I took an oath to protect Canadians in the 70's But I don't remember anything about hurting or scaring the public.
BUT that was the 70's when Honour meant something.

sjagitator 1896 days ago

oakland, portland, chapel hill - i think it's time to admit that cops are there for the 1% only

DigitGeek 1896 days ago

It's time for full scale revolution with bloodshed, fire, explosions etc

DigitGeek 1896 days ago

When are the citizens of this country going to have the balls to start killing pigs?

jmeans2500 1896 days ago

woohoo go police officers! get that scum offa street. damn hippies.

geodea62 1897 days ago

This is how Iran and Syria began dispersing protesters. And we condemn them. Makes me sick.

koosbrits_KB 1897 days ago

Seeing this makes me sad. What happened to freedom of speech?

WomanVote 1897 days ago

The message was, that they would use Chemical Agents and Impact Weapons on civilians.

WomanVote 1897 days ago

Today in Occupy Portland the police stood down after they figured out their message was vidCast

WisdomSeeksLite 1897 days ago

As in Chapel Hill, NC??? Wtf is happening? Are we seeing the beginning of martial law?