“The only life worth living is a life that is lived for other people.  True heroes are not the ones in the tabloids but are the ones who are living in the trenches of life to help make a difference”.  Ordinary people with the courage to rise up to meet the extraordinary.  Live the life you were created for.  Empty your hands and reach them out to others.

March 22, 1967...Polei Doc, Vietnam…from space this valley looks so scenic, peaceful, and serene.  But, on that day so many years ago it became known as the “Valley of Tears”.

I stood proudly with a handful of men that were there that day.  Next to the Medal of Honor flag that represented their First Sergeant Dave McNerney, a hero that changed the trajectory of the lives of these men.  I don’t even know how to say thank you, only to live a life worth living.

Kneeling (L to R):   Gerald Blankenship, Dennis Thompson, Leonard McElroy

Standing (L to R):  Carlos Reyes, Tom Carty, Doug Wheelock, The Medal of Honor Flag, COL Rick Sauer (Commanding Officer), Landis Bargatze, George Olson, Roger Gill

The under-documented love that exists between soldiers.  "Honor in the Valley of Tears".


I salute you!

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