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My dog in bike basket. I age 20 years biking around like that.

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2691 days ago

My dog in bike basket. I age 20 years biking around like that.


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Miranda_LadyA 2270 days ago

Awww Peggy is so sweet if you ever need a dog sitter I'm here :D as long as she doiesnt eat Albert!!!

MachMonkey 2458 days ago

I used to like chicken in a basket, but it kept getting off the bike. This is much more cute :0)

Keetaap 2690 days ago

So sweet. You see a lot of dogs in baskets on bikes here in Holland. She's a real cutie. : )

anon126 2691 days ago

I always feel when dogs look at me like this they are thinking 'god grief what's the idiot doing now' v. cute dog it has to be said

plcktzh 2691 days ago

Uh, I love it when small dogs tilt their heads like that.

Deggsy 2691 days ago

It's great to have a photogenic pet :-) I have to work like a bandit to get my cat to sit still long enough for anything worth saving...

ice_crystal 2691 days ago

What an absolutely gorgeous dog! It might be a nice bike too, but I wouldn't know. :-)

timidheathen 2691 days ago

What a lovely dog.

mellywho 2691 days ago

Awwww. And what a good way to get around!

Wendywitwoo 2691 days ago

Oh how gorgeous!=)

namakemono49 2691 days ago

...is all I really need to say.