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On the hudson bay in canada...look who's hitchhiking #arctichome

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1780 days ago

On the hudson bay in canada...look who's hitchhiking #arctichome


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geminiscorredor 1445 days ago

that great

Kitty100392 1764 days ago

You look so snuggly in this pic !

dol4rob 1779 days ago

Was that before OR after you changed your pants? Put your hat n gloves on young man!

onemon 1780 days ago

This is the prime time of year to see them there.

arrykac 1780 days ago

Ain't that America something to see.

kittkatt031 1780 days ago

Welcome to Churchill.....

GIJoeforXmas 1780 days ago

Cold isn't so bad is it?. Think you needed the invigoration. You look cute.

Veroniquehh 1780 days ago

dunno who's cuter, you or that thing:P

ZaynMcLick 1780 days ago

awwww that's so cute :)

Canadian_Paula 1780 days ago

What are you doing in Canada?

annalovejelena 1780 days ago

arent u scared??

SophalMiracle 1780 days ago

Thumb up for Canada! That's a good view of Polar Bear, It's cold, you should cover your ears!<3:)

megannoonan 1780 days ago

I hope NicoMyloXylotoL wasn't serious when she called the bear a Panda bear.

leetos 1780 days ago

Breaking, breaking news...Polar bears are very camera shy...Unlike someone I know.

NicoMyloXyloto 1780 days ago

Ryan!! U say ur hitchhiking when u really wanna kidnap that poor cute lil Panda Bear!! Shame on u!! lol *JK*

exit716 1780 days ago

Good thing Coca Cola is the product placement of choice on American Idol.

Champytweet 1780 days ago

Breaking News...Seacrest eaten by angry Polar Bear Mom!