Miley Cyrus


Hi this is Miley. I love rainbows, John Lennon, and Franklin, Tennessee.

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rudiitsme 624 days ago

lol... its cool hahah

Eiya_Anwr 657 days ago

I lov it

Rezaj_Imba 960 days ago

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Galangae77 980 days ago

Good night@

IsbellJourney 1078 days ago

Love u Miley =) U are one of my many idols =)

greenbodiemiley 1144 days ago

Real women. I love you Miles ♥

dioshanay1511 1167 days ago

so cute

pankajkumardhon 1209 days ago


CyrusDemiLove 1210 days ago

OMG i love you soooo much Miley

iAdmire1DBiebs 1296 days ago


Paristokyyo 1307 days ago

true bombshell > >>

aldcarvalho 1308 days ago

so true =)

xTheBestThing 1313 days ago

that's so trueee(:

BoogirlLana 1319 days ago

you are so right.lana from germany.

bentaali 1319 days ago

Quelle beauté idéale!belle poitrine (une femme sans poitrine comme un lit sans oreillers) belles cuisses (« Le bras n'a pas la force de tordre la cuisse. ») enfin chaque membre a un charme
english:What ideal beauty! Beautiful chest (chest like a woman w

ShaunDaniel66 1320 days ago

Thousands try millions >

TonyRodgers8701 1321 days ago


NandoGabrielF 1321 days ago

This is so true!!Miley i Love You

WaresLiz 1321 days ago

so true!