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AND DONE ! My 11/11/11 tattoo to match my 101010 binary one! Yay!

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1782 days ago

AND DONE ! My 11/11/11 tattoo to match my 101010 binary one! Yay!


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hunterjess 1780 days ago

Oh that's amazing / Great collection, addition / Journey looks lovely

gem1n12505 1781 days ago

gorgeous Pauley x

geordiehump 1782 days ago

I love that Pauley! It makes me want to go out and get a tattoo go with my other one. :-) xxx

adamisthebomb 1782 days ago

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH PAULEY!!! You are such an inspiration and you are just... SO AWESOME!!! <3

Pauleyfan 1782 days ago

Too cool! Love your work!

ibiteback2 1782 days ago

Totally Awesome

MaggiForth 1782 days ago


robertstwin1 1782 days ago

Totally Wicked!!!

Harmless01 1782 days ago

Looks great!

Rachds 1782 days ago

Binary numeral system is a representation for numbers using only two digits (usually, 0 and 1)

mystqfae 1782 days ago

I love ya hun, but binary numbers are 8 characters long

MrsScabin 1782 days ago

Very nice thanks for sharing Pauley :)

irishdaisy61 1782 days ago

I love it.

MarkTurner7 1782 days ago

Ya know, "111111" is binary, too! "101010" converts to "42" while "111111" converts to "63."

AshSnowElf 1782 days ago

some of them look a bit wonky

indigokane 1782 days ago

totally sweet!

crawdaddydoo92 1782 days ago

Looks painful but nice. Keep sharing

PrincessMistyO 1782 days ago