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My name is Kevin Hart and I WORK HARD!!! That pretty much sums me up!!! Everybody Wants To Be Famous But Nobody Wants To Do The Work

I'm out here in Hawaii SURFING bitches........#BOSSTWEET

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1635 days ago

I'm out here in Hawaii SURFING bitches........#BOSSTWEET


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akinolo 1626 days ago


diomsean 1633 days ago

Kev i see,that guy is helping you out with the board else its gonna fall on you,love your shows men...

Fun_Size_Britt 1634 days ago

wait is somebody holdin the board behind u.? i think i c a hand.. But its ok tho im not judging u

Fun_Size_Britt 1634 days ago

Look at chocolate drop gettin his surf on.! I c u Kev.! Carryin that big board lookin all strong!

Toiangelic 1635 days ago

Looks like so much fun:)

sincerely_gis 1635 days ago

lol ur soo short!!

rip_bob 1635 days ago


kayyexxtwoo 1635 days ago

Looking so sexxy!!!!

TamaraArmaly 1635 days ago

Ok thats whats up, get it shawty, get it shawty! ? Sexual Chocolate who in the devils territory helping you carry that dang-gone board? (in my Eddie Murphy coming to America voice)

LisaHall15 1635 days ago

You could land a plane on that thing! Ha! Have fun!!

LisaHall15 1635 days ago

Who's standing behind it holding it up for you? LMFAO!

ToneRokk 1635 days ago

Thats nice you got the 3 person one. *laughs*

MikiairaHawki 1635 days ago

Kevin. U. Is. Shorter. Than. That. Thing. And. How. Did. U. Carry. Borad. What. U. Asked. Can. Some. Body. Carry. It. For. U

KitchenToto90 1635 days ago

I think the board is surfing you...

AKA_eg0_centric 1635 days ago

Hot DAWG Kev, you sexii. You on some D'Angelo stuff right there lmbo #howdoesitfeel

rhondarenice 1635 days ago

Um, is there someone hiding behind that

Marrie1013 1635 days ago

Looking delicious! God Bless your parents!

Marrie1013 1635 days ago

How did you carry that into the water...did your arms reach?

MsKi55 1635 days ago


Queen4aKing1 1635 days ago

you shol is fine (in my hillbilly voice) kmsl